Nordic Covers Glasberga installation

1. Clean the surface you will be using from any dust/dirt, so you have a clean work surface. Remove the previous screen protector and the cover/case from the mobile phone, if used.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly.

3. Open wet wipe 1 and clean the phone's display, feel free to pull the napkin several times over the display to remove any fingerprints or adhesive residue from previous screen protectors.

4. Open wipe 2, this is dry and should catch the moisture from the wet wipe. Try to get the display as dry as possible.

5.Peel of the protective plastic film on the screen protector in one corner. If the film is hard to peel off, you may need to help with, for example, the nail in one corner. Use speakers/front camera as a guide and place the screen protector in the center of the display. Then take a cloth and push out any air bubbles from the center and out towards the edges.

Finished! Your Glasberga screen protector is now applied and will protect your screen